Doc Washburn Show


Doc Washburn has done local talk radio in Little Rock for over seven years. He was recently fired from one of the biggest radio companies in America for refusing to bow to their vaccine mandate. He now makes the transition to being a national talk show host. Doc is the host who says things other hosts aren't allowed to say. Doc Washburn is unfiltered, uncensored, and unmasked. The new Doc Washburn Show is a national talk show unlike anything you've ever heard. Doc has interviewed Mark Levin, Juanita Broaddrick, Ted Cruz and the late great Andrew Breitbart. He also covered the biggest murder mystery in Arkansas history, “The Boys On The Tracks” consistently and repeatedly. The Doc Washburn Show airs weekdays at 11AM Central at, or download it at Spotify, iTunes, or wherever you download podcasts. It debuts Tuesday, October 12, 2021.

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